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Publications Sponsored by INHL

  • El Misterio de FE
  • Tomen y Coman
  • La Música en el Culto Católico
  • Criterios para las Celebraciones Litúrgicas en las Comunidades Hispanas
  • Misa, Mesa, Musa
  • Don y Promesa
  • Cuidado Pastoral de los Enfermos
  • Arte y Ambiente
  • La Celebración Católica: Una Reflexión sobre la Reforma Litúrgica
  • Liturgia de las Horas: Edición Sencilla para uso en el Hogar o en la Parroquia
  • The Body of Christ
  • The Language of Worship
  • Preaching the Teaching

The Mystery of Faith

Twenty-five years ago, in 1981, the first Spanish edition of The Mystery of Faith was published: A Study of the Structural Elements of the Order of the Mass. Known as The Mystery of Faith, this work has served throughout these decades as an instrument of formation and spirituality for the laity, religious, seminarians and priests alike. Two more have followed this edition, in 1991 and 1995.

This fourth edition responds to the revisions required by the most recent instructions of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments of the Holy See, especially the third typical edition of the General Ordination of the Roman Missal of 2000 and the Instruction Redemptions Sacramentum: about some things that should be observed or avoided about the Blessed Eucharist of 2004. Both documents are supported by the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council and extend and clarify both the nature of the liturgical celebration and its sacred meaning and the role of ministers in worship.

The Instituto Nacional Hispano de Liturgia, Inc., is pleased to have been a translation and promotion tool for these four editions. Encouraged by the Encyclical Letter of His Holiness John Paul II Ecclesia de Eucharistia on the Eucharist in its relationship with the Church, and inspired by the celebrations that this Year of the Eucharist invites us to have in each diocese, the Mystery of Faith wants to serve as a point of reference so that all of us who participate and celebrate the Holy Mass know the origin and development of each one of the parts and elements that compose it. It is therefore recommended that this publication be used in the practical sessions of Liturgy of the Seminars and in all the sessions or workshops of catechetical and liturgical formation of our parishes and communities, especially among those ministers who exercise a special function within the celebration of the Eucharistic cult.

Preaching the Teaching

Preaching the Teaching reevaluates the Catholic Church's doctrine of social justice as it relates to the Church's flourishing Hispanic communities and their particular concerns, including issues of domestic violence, racism and immigration policy. Each chapter begins by examining a theme-specific document from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, followed by related essays from leading Hispanic theologians and a helpful guide to appropriate scripture readings. Preaching the Teaching will be and invaluable resource for those who prepare homilies for Hispanic congregations as well as for scholars and students of religious studies and social justice.